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Surgery Center (732) 852-5533 Little Silver (732) 530-7730 Toms River (732) 341-4566 Manalapan (732) 431-5030

What Our Patients Say

January, 2020

Dr. Patel,
Thank you for your miracle surgery!
Happy new year.
Warm Wishes,

Sharon C. Shutzer

Dear Dr. Trikha & Staff:
Please accept my belated but sincere gratitude for the wonderful care I received before and after my recent eye surgery. Not so very long ago, I was afraid that my continuing eye problems would only worsen as time went on. However, your care and treatment has restored my vision.
Thank you so much.

Colleen Scrimenti
August 18, 2019

Dear Monique:
As a patient of Dr. Rupan Trikha, I feel compelled to express my feelings about the care and treatment that I receive when I have an appointment in the Toms River Office. I have been a patient of Dr. Trikha's for five or six years after having been referred to him by Dr. D'Alterio of the Susskind and Almallah Eye Associates. It is important for you to know that I am a retired public-school teacher with forty-four years of experience, and I am in my twenty-eighth year of serving as an elected Councilwoman in Freehold Borough, so I consider myself a good judge of character. Additionally, I go to three other medical offices for treatment of several conditions, and although I have never been mistreated in any of these offices, I have no qualms about saying that Dr. Trikha and his staff have created a very special atmosphere that is worthy of praise.
Dr. Trikha himself is always smiling and respectful, and that atmosphere filters through the entire staff: form the moment I approach the front desk upon arrival until I get my appointment card for my next visit, I am treated like I am very important to every employee. Each receptionist, assistant, technician and nurse is personable, professional, informative, thorough, and respectful as tests are being done. The atmosphere of this office makes a big difference in the lives of the patients who are often apprehensive.
I was once in the office when a very disoriented elderly lady came in. She did not know where she was or where she was supposed to be. The care, concern, patience and sensitivity with which that woman was treated was truly awe inspiring. I will never forget that incident.
Please share my thoughts with the appropriate people. Dr. Trikha and all of the other employees of the Toms River Office deserve acknowledgement for the welcoming, professional, positive and personable atmosphere they maintain.
If you have any questions or concerns, please fee free to contact me.

- Sharon C. Shutzer
February 7, 2019

Monique/Dr. Trikha and entire staff at both office:
My wife and I felt compelled to author a letter to all of you at both office locations and the surgical center.
I have been a patient for somewhere around 6 years now. Since my first visit, we have moved from NJ to Southern DE. Even with that, we have retained Monmouth Retina as our eye care team. We must now drive 3 hours, or take the ferry to make our visits. The office staff has been very understanding and helpful in scheduling my appointments given our lengthy commute. This office is the only doctor we retained in NJ.
While I have gotten better, I was initially a very nervous patient. I don't like needles, and given my law enforcement career, get very nervous when people get too close to me, especially my eyes. All staff are very patient when I am there, and seem to understand my concerns. Dawn and Monique are very good when it comes to injections for dye and other required tests or treatments.
Also for Dr. Trikha, wow.He has such a great way about him. Excellent personality, bedside manner and confidence. He explains everything he does, and shows us pictures to reinforce what he is saying. We are both very comfortable with he and each member of the team. We feel that we have the BEST possible doctor for my issues and the BEST support team. In fact, on several occasions, Dr. Trikha called me at home after difficult appointments to check on me. That is a level of service no other doctor can match. We are truly lucky to have such a great doctor and team to monitor my eyes. The level of confidence he exudes carries over to us having confidence in him. I was asked recently if we got a second opinion prior to my surgery. I honestly told that person that there was no need for such an opinion. That alone should speak volumes about the way we feel about Dr. Trikha, and all of the treatment teams. He is one of the best doctors I have ever seen, in any medical specialty. He always seems to know what to say and how to respond to my concerns.
From scheduling the appointments to the actual office visits themselves, we are always assured of cooperation, understanding, empathy and concern for our needs and concerns.
This past Tuesday, I underwent a vitrectomy, and a detached retina repair. Very scary for us. Dr. Trikha did a great job at the surgery and follow up visit. The day of the surgery, Dawn spent prepping me and made me feel at ease. Monique brought me in and was a friendly reassuring presence to me. The anesthesiologist was also in to talk with me and explain everything. Francine took great care of me after my procedure. I also understand that I was again combative when coming out form anesthesia, yet no one was mad at me. At my follow-up visit, we were quickly seen, as the staff was aware of the fact that we had our dog with us and a very long trip home.
After we were home, we realized that we had several questions regarding my recovery. We called both offices for guidance. Each call was promptly and professionally answered. We apologized for bothering you all, and were told to call back with any additional questions or concerns. This is very much appreciated and we are grateful for all of the concern for our questions.
All staff members at both locations and the surgical suite have been nothing short of great. We know how hard you all work to assist all patients, and with very little if any real thanks. This letter is designed to say thank you very much to each and every one of you. Please accept our deepest thanks for your hard work and dedication. We appreciate all of you and your hard work.

- Gregory Bennett
January 30, 2019

Dr. Trikha:
I am writing this letter to show my appreciation of your very special care you gave to me on my visits on January 9th & 10th.
I was examined by you on the 9th when you noticed an abnormality in my left (troublesome) eye. You have been treating this eye for many years and keeping its condition stable. But at this exam you referred me to Dr. Ravi Patel, Atlantic Eye. Your office (Holly) was very efficient in obtaining an appointment with Dr. Patel the next day. After my late day exam by Dr. Patel he called you and I returned to your office for injections to treat an infection in the eye. The following day, Friday I saw Dr. Patel for a 2nd injection for the infection.
All of this happening while my wife and I were about to drive to Jupiter, FL for three months. Dr. Patel referred me to Dr. David Goldman in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. I was able to get an appointment on January 15th and surgery was performed on January 21st. Dr. Goldman stated that the eye operation was a success and normal follow up visits would be sufficient. During this entire process I have had the utmost confidence in Dr. Patel, Dr. Goldman, and you.
Again, Dr. Trikha I consider my experience the utmost in patient care and analysis for my eye condition at the time.

Wishing you continued success and many years of great service of your practice.
- James P. Foster

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